The company theasoft GmbH was founded in 1994 in Hamburg and is market leader in the field of planning software for theatres in Germany. Moreover, theasoft is now represented in many other European countries.

theasoft is specialized in the development of software. Theatres and opera houses and their workflows are different to those of other “industries”. Only software solutions, which take account of this diversity, can be used efficiently. These requirements motivated theasoft to develop a software solution that optimally supports the user in his work without restricting him: The software is easily adaptable to different requirements. It also assists the user by the help of many test functions in an effective personnel and resource planning.

By working closely with our customers we are familiar with the functions and organizational processes of a theatre. For already 20 years we permanently have been gathering experience of more than 90 theatres with different types of business (e.g. Repertoire, Staggione, city theatre) to develop our software continuously. theasoft is based in Hamburg and has a representative in Cologne.

To get a reference list of our clients, see "References”. If you like to get information on our software directly from our customers, we will be happy to provide you with further contact details.