Comfortable address management with access to repertoire data

Always the right number - with our comfortable, unitary address management for all departments this dream becomes reality. Thea.kontakt has access to all theasoft modules and if needed also to the repertoire data of thea.dispo. With its elaborate searching and filtering function and functions for distribution of mailing lists, form letters, resp. form Emails, thea.kontakt is suitable especially for the public relations department.

One single data base:
The advantage of a single address data base is obvious. All users have access to the same information. Other telephone lists are superfluous.

Comfortable address management:
You can add to every contact as many addresses and telephone numbers, as you want. Furthermore you can give every contact so called attributes, like VIP or critics. With these attributes you can create special mailing lists.

Assisted data input:
Different features like the automatic completing of street names, or the integrated postal code data base are making the input procedure easier and faster.

Conversation notes:
In a special field you can enter to each contact conversation notes for yourself or other users of your team. The other users can see who has done the entering. Here are also displayed the logged information of forwarded circulars for the whole user group.

Particular search and filter functions:
Thea.kontakt has various, very detailed tools for searching and filtering contacts. Therefore no contact remains undetected.

Diverse mailing functions:
With thea.kontakt you can create form letters resp. form faxes and form Emails very easily. If needed you can take over repertoire data e.g. dates of opening nights automatically. The dispatching will be logged.

Referring secondary contacts:
You can allot every contact as many secondary contacts (agencies, companies) as you want. On the other hand you can allot these secondary contacts special contact persons. So you have always all important contact details at a glance.

Unblocking system:
Users are assigned to groups with special access and proprietor rights. Therefore specific data can be blocked or opened for other users. Data privacy is guaranteed at any time.

Automatic fill in:
Thea.kontakt fills in the mail address in your templates with a simple click. You can start to enter your message immediately. This is working with your Email application as well as with MS Word.