Usefull extensions for different modules

The scope of performance of our divers modules can be extended with various additional functions and features (add-ons). This makes it possible to adapt the system very exactly to your real needs. Currently there are six different add-ons: for exporting program data, for  contract management, budgeting, payment orders, for planning by demand (thea.perso) and for a browser based information system.

There is already a possibility to make contracts in thea.dispo, but this add-on accomplishes much more. With this extension the particular dates of the contract and the real dates of the casted performance are stored separately. Therefore the system is able to compare the dates. If there is a discrepancy the system informs you what to do, e.g. that you have to make a contract with an artist for a specific date. So you are forearmed for any kind of performance changes, where mistakes, as you know, could become serious very easily. A function for payment orders with an interface completes this worthwhile extension.

With this add-on you can automatize your internet presence almost completely. All repertoire-relevant data as well as synopses and artist’s biographies will directly be exported to your Internet-Server automatically, thus saving working time and typing errors. Your audience has always updated information about the show and the cast. Only the editorial parts have to be entered by manually. Alternatively the repertoire data can obviously be exported to another event-server.

Based on the repertoire data in thea.dispo, the complete budgeting for the artistic department can be done with this add-on. A large number of adjustable parameters can give you an exact forecast of the expected proceeds from the ticket sales. The fees of the artists that are stored in thea.dispo are taken over for the calculation. Due to the automatic comparison with thea.dispo, all budget data are always up to date. Changes in the repertoire are mirrored in the calculations immediately. With the comparison of actual budget figures, differences between planned and real costs become visable. There are many different possibilities for screening and export, also to Excel.

Using this extension allows you to create cash orders either for artistic personnel (soloists, chorus singers, musicians), or for the technical temporary staff very shortly. Based on the specific scheduling (castings for the artistic personnel in thea.dispo and working time / shifts for the technical staff in thea.perso) the system issues a detailed cash order with all relevant payroll information. This cash order can be printed out, or can be exported. By using an interface the data can be input directly in your payroll system.

This add-on gives your employees and guests the chance to inform themself about important working- and program-information using a common web browser. On one hand you can call up specific working schedules like the weekly or the daily schedule always up to date directly from the data base. For every schedule separately you can determine an exact release date. Furthermore colours can mark interim changes. On the other hand you can load resp. synchronize selected program information like performances in an outlook calendar. Both functions can be configured for an Intranet or for the Internet.