Instrument for planning and accounting for the orchestra

Planning, accounting, forecast - these are the most important functions of thea.orchester. As well as in all other modules, you are informed about the current planning at any time. The number of services is displayed in the moment you enter the planning. Based on the existing orchestral strength the system can prognoses the need of extra musicians. Integrated form letters are helping to settle payment for the guests.

Automatic settlements:
Thea.orchester is issuing the pay settlements for the guest musicians automatically, also the various extra payments for the permanently employed. Using the add-on thea.transfer the settlement data can be exported to a payroll system.

Entering Services via web access:
In case your group leaders are planning the services for the musicians by their own, they can enter the services directly into the theasoft database via the Internet using any browser.

Automatically issuing of proofs and requests:
With the integrated plan generator thea.orchester creates and issues a large number of different reports, for example proofs for the tax office, or lists of the number of services of the musicians.

Different statistic analysis:
Thea.orchester allows predictions of the utilization based on the program and records the real utilization of single musicians, of special groups and of the whole orchestra. By this means you can ascertain the need for guest musicians very easily (in preparation).

Easy creating of duty rotas:
The planning of the services of musicians is done with a simple mouse click. The complete services of a week or in a specified period are displayed for each orchestra member up to date at any time. Transgressions are colour-coded.

Permanent access to the repertory data:
Thea.orchester is linked to the artistic planning module thea.dispo, which is used in the production office. The planning of the musicians will be done based on this information.

Plan your own activities:
Separately from the production department you can schedule and cast your own productions (e.g. concerts), or specific types of activities.

Staff oriented management of instruments:
With this function you keep good track of the instruments that have to be managed, with information about users and value for the insurance.

Integrated personal management:
Thea.orchester is gathering all important data of the musicians, including infor-mation about the contract, contact details, instruments etc.

Production based orchestral strength:
The system compares the actual strength with the planned strength for the production. Divergences are indicated in colour.