Planning and accounting system for the chorus

Based on the program data from thea.dispo the chorus members can be cast and planned with just a few handholds. The system applies automatically deposited fees and extra payments to every chorus member. Guest chorus singers and substitutes are applied, scheduled and accounted in an adequate way. Preparing the monthly settlements is done in a few minutes. Projections give you an exact workload prognosis.

Easy planning:
With a simple mouse click you cast the chorus members for different roles very quickly to any activity. Of cause the system is considering also double casts and needed guests and substitutes. In the same easy way different types of releases like holidays or other absences are managed. Notes about cast changes are created automatically.

Automatic generating weekly schedules and reports:
The system is creating and issuing the weekly duty roster for the chorus and a large number of different reports and statistics for example a list of releases, workload and projections of extra payments with a simple mouse click. They can be printed out directly, or be exported to MS Word or Excel.

Plan your own activities:
Separately from the artistic administration department you can schedule and cast your own specific types of activities (for example musical rehearsals). It is also possible to apply and schedule your own productions if needed.

Access rights:
The access rights to the data pool are assigned individually. Therefore it is guaranteed, that sensitive and private data are displayed to assigned users only.

Automatic settlements:
Considering the contract and fee data thea.chor applies automatically the corresponding extra payments and fees to every single chorus member and to the guests to be engaged. Therefore  preparing the monthly settlement report is done in just a few minutes. The settlement data can be exported directly to a payroll system using the add-on thea.transfer. Theasoft is supporting all common export formats.
Permanent access to the program data:
Thea.chor is linked to the artistic planning module thea.dispo, which is used by the artistic administration. The planning of the single chorus members will be done based on this general information for the collective.

Integrated personal management:
Thea.chor is gathering all important contact and personnel data of your chorus members and guest singers. You can apply different types of contracts with important settlement information to every single person. You can as well enter measurement data for the costume department or specific skills, which could be helpful for casting.