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Maintenance / Support

Software solutions are only as good as their maintenance. The maintenance service of theasoft ensures the continuous development and so the value of your investment. The software maintenance contains beside a short-term assistance with questions you may have, the transfer of program optimizations in the form of updates or upgrades. Furthermore, we consider individual change requests of our customers if these can be implemented within a reasonable time frame.

• Providing updates within a module. Updates are updated versions where minor  
   improvements were implemented. You usually receive these updates from the
   download area.
• Providing upgrades. In contrast to an update an upgrade is a revaluation,
   improvement and particularly an expansion of functions or program areas.
   You receive the upgrades - depending on their scope - on CD-ROM or from the
   download area.

Even the best software solutions require support for the user. This applies in particular to industry-optimized software solutions with its individual features. theasoft provides the necessary expert help in various ways:

• Telephone Support
• E-Mail Support
• Remote maintenance by online-circuit on the user PC