The new version 4.242 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:

All Modules

Profile picture from the camera

By right-clicking on the profile picture of a contact in the basic data of “Employees/Contacts” you can now choose to have the profile picture also taken via the computer’s camera. It is also possible to edit the captured image after recording.

Module: thea.dispo

Production plan: Identify available people

Previously, a production plan could display overlaps or absences of the selected production or people in connection with other activities, blackout dates, etc.

The converter “availablePerson” can now be used to display which people from the selected production are potentially available for a rehearsal.

Production or activity fields by email

All fields on the “Press Release” tab of an activity can now be sent via email button directly from the detailed view of the activity.

For this functionality, an email template “Activity->Distribution list” can be stored under Tools -> Settings -> Email templates.

All production or activity fields can be defined as desired and can be set under master data->thea.dispo->Production fields.

Subsequent linking of an existing production with a work

It is now possible to link productions that have already been created with an existing work (->works management). For example, placeholder productions can be linked and the roles of the work can be taken over. The link is made on the basic data page of production.

If there are already roles in a production, they can be linked automatically if they exactly match the role names of the work.

Module: thea.perso

Temporarily hide people in the roster/roster print

People can be temporarily hidden from the roster. “Hide in roster” must be set in the corresponding contract under “Different working time”. This setting also has an impact on roster pressure.

Exclusion of accounts for calculating maximum working hours per day

It is now possible to set in the tariff (->master data) whether certain accounts - such as travel time – cannot be included in the maximum working hours per day. This means that if times are planned with reference to these excluded accounts, even beyond the basic maximum value of the tariff, no warning message would be issued.

Module: thea.project

New information columns in the Gantt view

By selecting columns (right-clicking on the column headers in Gantt tasks), columns can now be added that, for example, show those involved in the individual tasks or the stages.


Further information on the individual items can be found in the relevant help sections.