The new version 4.194 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:


Main schedule: The change of release and note fields is now possible via “Edit series”.
The “Edit series” dialogue can now be used to set “Release for web” and “Approval for Advance Booking”.
To do so, select the entry “Release” in Activity.

The entry “Change” can now also be used to make changes to the notes.
Existing notes can be overwritten, or the new text can be added.

The casts of performances are now used in countdown activities.
When scheduling performances, as well as cast changes, the program ensures that the same people are cast in the associated countdown activities (for example, Soundcheck, Warm Up).


Contracts: The self-defined contract fields can now also be placed on the page Info (1st page in the contract) and Dates (only at thea.contract).
In the master data, when assigning the self-defined contract fields to the contract types, you will find a new column in which you can select the page.
The pages Info (1st page in the contract), Miscellaneous (2nd page in the contract) and Dates (only available at thea.contract) are available.

In addition, some already existing contract information (e.g., travel and accommodation notes or internal remarks) has been converted into self-defined contract fields. The data has been adopted.

Planning absences from thea.perso now also available for the artistic departments.
Under “Planning” -> “Planning absences” you can now also plan the presences/absences and free days for the artistic departments.

This view displays the absences for several weeks/months in a compact overview, and also allows easy scheduling of presences/absences and free days by mouse/context menu for multiple people simultaneously over long periods of time.

You can find further information about the structure and use in the help. When you have opened the view, simply press the F1 key.