The new version 4.164 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version 164 at a glance:

Module: thea.dispo


The new dispo has been further improved in its function. There is now the possibility to define additional absence gaps, which only output absences with specific reasons or from specified contact areas. For example, a column for the management service could be implemented.
Unwanted changes to the layout will be prevented in the future by a security query and there is a keyboard shortcut for the jump to the current day (Alt + H). 
If individual elements cannot be created using the Create series function, the operation no longer needs to be cancelled completely. The invalid dates of the series can be skipped.

The old schedule was finally marked as obsolete. It is still available in the current version, but it is expected to be removed in the next version. A note of this kind will now appear at each opening of the old schedule.

Theasoft recommends the use of the new dispo, since it clearly stands out from the old version in areas like functionality and usability.

Other features

The daily schedule has been slightly improved, with grouped occupations, the end time is no longer printed if no group has a different ending time.
The compatibility mode of Word templates is now applied to depending documents.

In the cost planning of productions it is possible to display a roster agreement and standard assignments based preliminary planning.

Holiday applications for the artistic staff can now also show the current vacation stands. For this new fields have to be added to the template.

Module: thea.perso


There is an undo option for the roster. All important actions you do in the roster are reversible by pressing “strg+z” or a clique on on the revert button.

The service plan has undergone some minor changes. The authorisations were further diversified.
On the one hand, there is now the possibility to give individual employees the right to write their own target times, analogously to option of writing their own actual service times.
On the other hand, an authorization is now required for deactivating the break calculation. This allows for a stronger control of the roster by the personnel department.

It is now also possible to mark start times that differ from the default start time of service.


Some formulas have been extended by additional settings and the new formula "overtime evaluation AT" has been added. This can save settings per tariff and evaluate overtime per day and per week.

Module: thea.contract


You can now define multiple workflows for the contract assignment. One workflow can be defined for each contract type. These are also available in the orchestra module. Thus it is possible to use different sequences in orchestra and dispo.


Owners of the contact module can now save PDF forms as templates for serial letters. For example, it is possible to fill visa forms for travel directly through theasoft. 
For this purpose, apartments can now be rented to persons without a contract in the travel module. Only the contact in theasoft has to be deposited in order to assign it to the housing administration. 
The note loan has the possibility to search for places and storage rooms.