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Through an intensive communication between theatres (user) and theasoft (developer) our software modules have been developed to a powerful and nevertheless user-friendly theatre software. So potential new customers benefit from the many years of experience with our customers and long-time users. Our customers determine ultimately what the software modules must offer. We support this development process in order to offer software solutions which can fulfill the technical as well as administrative innovations to the changing requirements of our customers. As part of our consulting services we examine together with our customers to what extent theasoft modules already cover their requirements. Due to a variety of different parameter settings, the appropriate module can be adapted to the individual needs of the users. If slight changes of programming should be necessary, they are most often included in the maintenance contract, in particular if it concerns improvements of the program which are beneficial also for other houses. We gladly advise you in the compiling or formulation of a requirement catalog and / or specifications.



Training courses usually take place at the user`s premises due to the fact that a training there is particularly effective and based on practice-oriented questions and problems.
For good reason our training courses have nothing to do with perfectly animated and frontally held PowerPoint presentations. Ideally concrete practical examples or problems should rather be elaborated together.