The new version 4.241 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:

Module: thea.dispo

Tasks from thea.perso can be output in Plans

If tasks are assigned via thea.perso's demand planning, they can be displayed, for example, in the staffing details of activities (see also main features Module: thea.perso). This means that these casts - for example the person who has been assigned to the task "Stage Manager" in a corresponding activity in thea.perso - can also be displayed in plans via the cast field for, e.g. on the daily schedule.

Due to this additional feature, it can happen under certain circumstances that people from technical tasks also appear in thea.dispo plans. This can be permanently restored to its original state by adjusting the filtering settings – e.g. module filters.

Timetable: Overlapping check of rest periods for guest performances

Overlapping messages in the event of rest time violations will be issued for persons who are organized via departure groups via timetable in thea.dispo for the arrival and departure to guest performances. The prerequisite for this is that the corresponding persons in the standard cast of the corresponding production are assigned to a departure group and that a timetable with the appropriate departure group is planned for the guest performance.

In course of this development, the setting options for different rest periods for guest performances or in-house performances have also been adapted (Extras->Settings->thea.dispo->General).

Module: thea.perso

Demand Planning: MultiSelect in the Duty Roster

It is now possible to select several cells of the roster across days and persons by holding down the CTRL key and clicking with the left mouse button. Now both previously copied services or working time from tasks (demand planning) can be assigned via drag and drop. It also allows shortcuts to be used.

Demand planning: Assigned tasks are saved as occupation

People who have a assigned task in thea.perso's roster are now also saved in the cast of the activity. For example, in the cast of a performance can be indicated which person will take over the performance service as Stage Manager.
For this extended functionality, a write permission must be set to "Staffing / Technical Tasks" in the authorization settings.


Copying Bookings

In's apartment management system, bookings can now be copied and pasted using the usual keyboard shortcuts CTRL+C and CTRL-V. The bookings are also copied by holding down the CTRL key in conjunction with drag & drop.

Automatic line height according to the number of bookings

In the settings directly in the mask of the apartment management, you can now select "Line height according to bookings". This has the effect that the line height of the respective apartment or hotel bookings is specifically adjusted according to the number of bookings, so that all bookings are always visible.

Display of posting fields in the bar view of the apartment management

The individually configurable booking fields can now be displayed in the bars of the apartment and hotel bookings. To do this, you have to tick the box "Show in summary" in the master data (thea.dispo->travel planning/apartment management->booking fields) and then fill it in with data in the corresponding booking in the "Additional booking information" tab.

Module: thea.staff

Individual setting options for due dates of measures

In the management of measures, two further possibilities have been created to determine due dates for measures for persons or to enter fixed dates. Usually, the next due dates for measures are determined in the action management by the settings of the corresponding measure. This can now be overridden individually for each measure per person. For example, in the detail view of the measure, you can now either enter a fixed date for the next due date or a fundamentally different cycle under "Settings (individual)".

Module: thea.web orchestra

Different display of total columns thea.orchestra <-> thea.web orchestra

Until now, the display of the total columns – for example for the duty count – in the thea.web orchestra web module was the same as in the roster display of thea.orchestra. By right-clicking in the upper left area of the orchestra roster or on the total columns themselves, the display can now be set independently of each other for both modules.

Further information on the individual items can be found in the relevant help sections.