The new version 4.192 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:


Master data: “Undo monthly closing” improved.
Monthly closing is no longer undone by entering the month. Instead there is now a dialogue function and other features.
The function can be started via a button in the toolbar or via the “...” button in the month-end column.
When opening and closing, annual financial statements are now taken into account and the monthly values are guaranteed to be recalculated when closing.

Roster -> “Compare with”: Changes are now displayed.
When the “Compare with ...“ function is activated, differences between the target and actual plans are displayed in the tooltip.

Roster: Open an individual’s report.
Reports on individuals can now be opened via their context menu (contract).
The individual (contract) and the month of the week on display are preselected.

Roster printout: Colour highlighting of changes to the roster.
If there are differences between the target and actual plans, the affected roster entries can be highlighted in a specified font colour and/or background colour.
The settings are in the print layout.

thea.chor / thea.orchester

Choir/orchestra invoicing: Grouping by contract now possible.
Grouping by contract allows contract fields to be included on the invoice.


New holidays added.
International Women's Day (March 8th) has been added for Berlin, and International Children's Day (September 20th) for Thuringia.
Holidays for seasons already scheduled have been amended accordingly.

Permission management: It is now possible to copy permissions.
Permissions can now be copied and pasted via the user/user group context menus.