The new version 4.184 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:


Productions / Activity details -> Press release: Custom fields can now be used.
You can now create your own press release fields in the master data under Production Fields. In addition to the name and code, you can specify where to display them (production, activity, or both), where to place them (tab and area), and what type of data to use. The press release fields from earlier versions have been automatically transferred to the production fields.

Dispo -> Edit Series: Changing the lock status is now possible.
Via Edit Series you can now lock or unlock a larger number of activities using individual filters.

Performance statistics: Grouping by day and weekday now possible.
You can now also select day and weekday as a column or row.
Together with the issue option Exists (also new) you can now count the days a person was present.


The dialogue for entering absences can now be displayed automatically.
In the system settings, under Extras -> Settings -> thea.perso, there is a new option. If this is activated, the dialogue is automatically displayed when scheduling leave or sick leave.
The prerequisite is that a corresponding template (holiday application or sick leave) has been defined.

Bonuses can now be converted to time off in lieu.
You can now convert bonuses to time off in lieu via "Contracts / Settlement" -> "Time account payments / Transfer". To do this, select a time account to which you want to transfer the values. A new column "Transfer to ..." will appear in which you enter the value.
You can find more details under help

thea.orchester / thea.chor

Roster (cast): Activities can now be filtered by activity type.
You can now define an activity type filter using the filter icon. These settings are saved per department within the user settings.


Productions -> Departments Number of 1st Cast is now displayed.
For a production, on the Department tab, the number of 1st cast per work area or voice group is now displayed.


"Go to date" can be called via Ctrl+G
In the views Dispo, Roster, Roster (Cast) and in the personnel calendar, you can now jump to a date using the shortcut Ctrl+G.