The new version 4.191 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:


The activity and cast history now takes authorisations into account.
In order to read or write an activity / cast history, from now on the corresponding reading and writing authorisations will be required.

Schedule: Coloured options.
The foreground and background colours of options can now be adjusted in the master data. In the schedule the colour in the option column is used.


Roster: The demand schedule now has tool tips.
The tool tips display the activities required for each task and the number of employees required or scheduled to complete them.

Roster: Roster entries can now be marked as checked.
To mark an entry as checked, use the key combination CTRL+W, or via the detailed view, where the “Checked” check box is located at the lower edge. Roster entries marked as checked are displayed with a green tick.

Roster printout
Activities assigned to a roster entry can now be printed. The format can be set via the print layout.


Program budget: New columns.
There are new columns for holidays, day attributes, daily notes and for each activity field.


Export of individual production and activity fields.
The CSV export (version 10.0) and the XML export (version 10.0) have a new option in the export settings for activating the export of production / activity fields.
Details about the exact file format can be found in the export documentation.


Contacts: The contact filter now allows filtering via ensemble employees and guests.
In addition to the "include inactive" checkbox, there is now a selection list which you can use to filter contacts according to their contracts.