The new version 4.211 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:


You can now manage the list of activity statuses in the master data.
You can now create a new status for “cancelled”, for example. Please ensure that you select the correct status type, as this controls the program functions.


You can now copy rosters into a variant.
In the roster under Functions, you will find the menu item “Copy to variant”. You can select roster entry types of the “roster” or “variant” type as the target. These can be managed via the master data.

Roster: The “Distribute planned working time over days of the week” mode has been improved.
For example, individual holiday days are given weekend values if the person has days off during the week.


Program export: you can now upload via SFTP and FTPS with TLS 1.2.
You can now select the transfer method on the “File transfer” tab. You can choose from various FTP and SFTP methods.
Also new are the username and password for the proxy server, various types of proxy server and a button for testing the connection.


You can now assign several contact areas to an employee/contact.


Further information on the individual items can be found in the relevant help sections.