The new version 4.146 of theasoft is available for download.

Main features of the new version 4.146.x at a glance:

Module: thea.dispo

Export Viewer (thea.export)

A new tool, the Export Viewer, is available. It provides you the functionality to view your exported csv-data in a clear tabular structure. You can find it in the main menu of your theasoft application: Export -> Export Viewer.

Dispo (beta)                

The dispo (beta) as the successors of the established dispo view has received numerous extensions. Thus, it is now possible to work with "drag and drop" "copy & paste" or with the use of shortcuts. Your activities can be easily moved, copied and applied.

The context menu of the dispo view can be extended by so-called Shortcut Entries. These will redirect you quickly to the desired page in the detail view. The setting can be found in the section user-settings (Tools -> Settings) of your theasoft application.

The filter options in the dispo (beta) have been revised. Now there are more settings available, tweaking your workflow to be as intuitive and accurate as possible. Now you can show the data of the actual date by pressing a single button. Or you can show up the school holidays etc.

The functionality for creating whole series of activities has been extended. The new setting will let you define in a very precise way, which days will be held by your activity. You can find it in the dispo (beta) at the menu-point “New”. There is a little arrowhead. If you click this, there will be the option: “Create series”.

theasoft recommends the use of the new dispo (beta). It stands out against the old one in fields like functionality or usability and will improve your workflow to be as effective as possible.

Further Features

There is now an option to group your schedules in the section of performance and rehearsal schedules. For doing this, go to the settings of a specific schedule and choose the group it belongs to. If the group doesn’t exist, simply write the name of a new group in that field. After saving the settings, a new grouping with the schedule you modified shows up in the schedule list.

In Contract-Tracking, you can send an email to a guest and his agency.

thea.contract was extended by a further functionality. Now it is possible to send an email, having the contract-document as an attachment, to a specific group of persons.

Module: thea.perso

Daily Roster

Now you can manage activities by shortcuts. Thus you have a faster and more intuitive access to the most important functionalities already known from the context-menu.

Moreover daily-notes can now be copied.

New module: thea.order

As a new module thea.order has been added to our product family. With thea.order you can manage your ordering. Some features are:

  • Management of employee-focused cash balance.
  • Management of orders, grant permissions for orders
  • Monitor the budget during orders
  • Integration in existing modules, e.g. budget management
  • Supplier management


If you have any questions regarding a specific feature or you have suggestions to a theasoft regarding topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our service hotline is available from Monday till Friday between 09 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Furthermore you can find a detailed list of all new features and bug fixes in the release notes.