The new version 4.166 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version 166 at a glance:

Module: thea.dispo

Important: starting with version 4.174 (August 2017) the old disposition form will not be available anymore. If you still miss some of the old functions in the new dispo, please inform us.


It has been added a new output field to emit "idle" people. The daily schedule for example can hereby give out all people who are neither casted, nor are absent. Further there is new field “ProductionAndParts” that allows access to information of the parent production in multi part productions. It´s primary usage is for plans having one row per production.

Cast per production

All persons of an act or scene casted with one click. For this click with the right mouse button on the "header" and choose "cast act /scenes" in the context menu. The prerequisite for this is that the scenario is entered. The scenario can be specified in the production on the "Act" tab.


In the combination with the works management it is possible to manage the program of a concert. Deleting of productions became easier, as all dependent Data will be also deleted. So there is no more searching for dependent Data before deleting a production is possible.

Module: thea.perso

Thea.perso reports

All thea.perso reports can be stored in Word / Excel / PDF format. Also, the format of the generated documents has been improved in some reports. Number in the sum report can be formatted in any way.

Module: thea.orchester

The work (version) management is now available with thea.orchester license

Roster (Cast)

There is a button for the quick jump to today.

Basic cast

To enter special instruments has been simplified. The main instrument can be simply duplicated. After this you just have to select the special instruments.

Module: thea.chor

The work (version) management is now available with thea.orchester license

Roster (Cast)

There is a button for the quick jump to today.


To get a quick overview of the number of casted persons of a role, the persons of the first cast are counted.


How to contact with search

In the contact search, you can filter by the start date a contract.


Attachments linked to contacts, production, contracts etc. can be added by drag & drop. (Requires an installed attachment service)

Contact view

You can now open a contact v-card direct in Outlook. Thus, you can easily paste it into your Outlook contact list or forward email to another person.