The new version 4.176 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:


Day note from other departments in the schedule
So far, only the day notes from our own department have been shown. Now approved day notes from other departments can also be added.
Daily notes can be set for display via the roster, or via the settings in the schedule, in the fixed columns tab, in the department daynote line.

File attachments for stages
Files can now be added for stages in the master data. In the form view there are attachment tabs for this purpose.

Cast change of different people in the event of changes to the standard cast
Until now, people in evening casts who were not in the standard casts were not recast when changes were made to the standard casts. This is now an optional possibility.
Example: Person A is cast in the performance, and Person B is in the standard cast. If the standard cast is then changed to Person C, the performance with person A was previously not recast. It would now be an option to cast person C in the performance.

User rights area for production checklists
Previously all users who had write permission for a production also edited the checklists. Now there is an individual user rights area for checklists, called Checklists.
The authorisations were taken over by the productions during the update, but in the future they must be set manually.
Via our own user rights area, you can now allow users to make entries in the checklist for your department, without being able to edit the production or without including entries from other departments.

Countdown activities can now begin during a performance
The countdown entry (e.g. under Productions, miscellaneous tab) until now only allowed the time entries “before performance start” and “after performance end”. Now, the time and to what it refers can be entered. The previous references plus “after performance start” and “before performance end” are now available for selection.


Search/filter in the roster for a person’s name
In the top left cell in the roster, you can now enter the person by whom the roster will be filtered. The text entered will be compared with the start of the displayed name.

All sum columns in the roster can now be configured
The previously fixed sum columns were converted into department formulas and can be configured via the master data under Formula Settings. The formulas are not visible as standard; by clicking on “Data is filtered” they can be shown.
The settings correspond with the previous fixed settings and can now be adjusted accordingly.
Please note that changes can affect all departments that use this formula.


Export of production attachments in the program export
The CSV export, but Version 1.10, now allows the option of exporting production attachments in which only images are allowed. In order to use the function, you have to upgrade an existing CSV export or create a new CSV export with Version 1.10.
As the export has been extended by several files, check before use whether, for example, your import in the website can cope. Updated documentation for the CSV format can be found on our homepage.