The new version 4.162 of theasoft is available for download.

Main features of the new version 162 at a glance:

Module: thea.dispo

Dispo (beta)

The activity details dialog is now non modal. If it is opened, it doesn’t block selecting something else in the grid view anymore.
If you select a different activity in the grid view, the dialog will also show the details of that activity. For example, this way you can view cast details of different activities without opening and closing of the detail dialog.

The layout settings (column visibility, column width) are now saved per user. This way everybody can customize an own version of the layout.
You can still specify a layout setting which all users can use as a base for their own setting.

Other features

You can now print data for productions without activities in the performance statistics.

In a “final rehearsal” all persons are now cast that would be cast automatically in a performance or rehearsal.

Module: thea.perso

Duty roster

The viewed week can be switched using keyboard shortcuts. Alt + Page up will switch to the next week, Alt + Page down will switch to the previous week,


You can now display the regular shift times.
You can activate the option in the settings of the report in master data.

Module: thea.chor/thea.orchester


The print was revised:

  • There are now different border weights used to separate days and voice pitches/instruments.
  • There is now a minimum column width. A print of a whole month is now readable in Excel.
  • Repeated headers are now used in Excel.
  • You can exclude cancelled activities in print.


Case with special qualifications (for example if you play a special instrument) can now be highlighted.

Instrument management (thea.orchester)

You can now manage instruments as well as their insurances and value history.
(the instrument management view can be found at Management -> Instruments)
For a tour you can now specify what instruments you will take on tour.



You can now add attachments to travel steps.

Apartment management

You can now specify the period you want to print to Excel.


If you have any questions regarding a specific feature or you have suggestions to a theasoft regarding topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our service hotline is available from Monday till Friday between 09 a.m. and 6 p.m.

For a detailed list of new features and bug fixes please refer to the release notes.