The new version 4.175 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:


Import school holidays and public holidays
In the master data, school holidays and public holidays can now be imported from calendar files (ics).

Rest time overrun check takes mask times into account

Mask times can be given out in daily schedule

Daily information dialogue in the main schedule has been revised
The day can now be changed in the daily information dialogue. The individual areas are now collapsible, meaning less scrolling is necessary.


The print layout form view has been revised
The print layout form view in the master data has been revised. The individual settings have been relocated to register cards by category.

Print layouts can be edited from the print dialogue
The print dialogue in the roster now contains a button for editing the print layouts.

The format of activities in print can now be adapted
An individual format for the activities can now be stored via the print layouts. Alternatively, the format from the department or the previously default format can be used.

Search contact
For additional data with lookup, the lookup values are now offered for selection.
Search filters can now be saved, edited and loaded.


Merge contacts
Clones can now be ignored. They will no longer be displayed.