The new version 4.224 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:

Module: thea.dispo


There is a new advanced filter option in the schedule that allows combined filters.

Contact calendar

It is possible to output an appointment overview with occupations, absences and travel steps in a chronological order. This requires a template of the type "Schedule overview". This template is available in the file “TemplatesV4” in the download area (Documents) of our website.

Module: thea.perso

The filter options for the schedule the roster have been revised

Similar to the new filter in the schedule, the filter option for the schedule above the roster has been revised. This allows for example to output all activities of a discipline and also all performances.
Link to the Video-Tutorial (German).

Further information on the individual items can be found in the relevant help sections.