The basic concept of all theasoft products is the centralized data storage in one single data base. All users have access to the same unitary data pool. Changes are displayed to all users at the same time.

Information has to be entered just once and can thereafter be used and issued in many different ways. Workflow is getting more effective and more transparent, routine tasks are automated, mistakes are avoided. theasoft verifies the data while entering in different ways (e.g. overlap test), thus it helps to avoid mistakes.
All master data are configurable by the user. The layouts for mostly all reports, e.g. working schedules, statistics are creatable by the user himself. Furthermore, many views in our system are adaptable to the requirements of the users.

The basic procedure to plan theatres and concerts is similar anywhere in the world. For this reason theasoft provides standard software which is adaptable to the specific requirements of its users. Another basic idea of our system is to provide just the information which is relevant for the user. So your employees are prevented from an information overload and can concentrate on their daily work. Besides a customized interface which includes the variety of requirements of every single department, every department has quasi its own system available. Regardless of that every department has access to all important information of the other departments at any time.