Planning and accounting system for technical departments

Based on the repertoire data from thea.dispo, you can  plan the working times of your staff very easily. The current balances of all accounts (overtime, holiday etc.) can be displayed at any time. The system is refering the relevant bonus and extra pay automatically. The  accounting of the monthly settlements are done in a few minutes. The possibility of a flexible planning by real demands makes your work more effective.

Clear personnel planning:
By Drag&Drop and Shortcuts you can post free defined shifts to every single staff member, and if necessary add special bonus payments. The current weekly working time, overtime etc. is withdrawable at any time. Already with the input thea.dispo points you to divergences of contract agreements, for example break regulations.

Allocation to cost units:
With thea.perso you can allocate working time or incurring costs from overtime, extra payments etc. to different cost units, i.e. to particular productions.

Easy generating of statements of account:
Due to the contract data, which are deposed in thea.perso, the system allocates the extras and bonus to every single staff member automatically. Therefore producing the monthly pay settlements is very simple. The output can be done by all usual formats. So you can also export the settlement data directly into another accounting program.

Integrated staff file:
This function is gathering all important data of your staff. You can allot different kinds of contract to every single staff member.

Setting own activities:
Independently from the artistic planning department you can plan your own technical activities. Regularly recurring duties (e.g. set up, sound check) can be planned automatically for every single production.

Personnel planning by demand:
You can state the exact need for every production resp. every kind of activity. You can give special assignments to single staff members or to specific groups. The particular demands can be displayed in the planning view.

Permanent access to the current program data:
Thea.perso is linked to the module thea.dispo for the artistic planning. So you are always informed about the current planning situation. Changes done in the production office with thea.dispo are indicated by contrasting colours in thea.perso.

Automatic generating of duty rotas and proofs:
With a simple mouse click you can generate the weekly duty rota and furthermore a huge number of various reports and proofs for holidays, overtime, night turns, extra-payments etc.

Differentiated user rights:
Every department can generate their own duty rotas and proofs themselves. User rights are assigned individually. Therefore it is guaranteed, that sensitive and private data are displayed to assigned users only.