Planning and managing system for artistic departments

Due to the sole data source, everybody is on the newest information level at any time, also under big pressure. Thea.dispo as the principle item of our system is supplying all other modules with the current program data. With just a few clicks you can issue many different schedules and time tables. An overlapping control system helps to avoid mistakes. You will have more time to take care of the sensitive minds of your artists.

Well-engineered performance:
The successful use of thea.dipso for over 15 years guarantees you a solid planning environment. The experience of more than 80 theatres has been entering constantly in all further development of this product.

One single data source:
The central data management ensures the information flow to all users in real-time. Therefore the entire repertoire data are provided up to date at any time.

User-friendly functions:
Using the resources, which are deposited in the system (venues, productions, activities, artists etc.) hands-on features is warranting a comfortable input in the planning procedure. The planning is done with single mouse clicks on a user interface, which is adapted from familiar planning instruments.

Various add-ons are extending the range of features of thea.dispo if needed. For example with an add-on for contract management (thea.contract), for detailed budgeting information (thea.budget), for an automatic export of program data to your web site (thea.export), or for getting access to specific working schedules, or to other program information using a common web browser (thea.web-info).

Comparison of data input:
Thea.dispo is controlling data in the moment of entry in many different ways and is therefore helping to avoid mistakes. If there is an overlap in the cast for example, or if you try to plan with a released artist, you will be informed by the system immediately.

Large reporting system:
Thea.dispo creates all kinds of reports, for example daily schedules, monthly schedules, casting lists, time tables, contracts, posters, fliers, confirmation letters, production schedules and so on.

Specified adjustments:
A various number of parameters and setting options allow individual adjustments to special regulations of your company.

Well-arranged staff management:
All contact and personnel data of the artists like agencies, measurements, contact details, absences, skills, banking details etc. are always up to date and ready to hand.

Access rights:
The access rights to the data pool are assigned individually to every user. Therefore it is guaranteed, that sensitive and private data are displayed to assigned users only.

Locking program information:
Single activities like performances, whole periods and complete future seasons, which are not intended to distribute on a large scale of your colleagues, can be locked to other users very easily.