Software for measure organization

The thea.staff module is the perfect support when it comes to the allocation, planning and implementation of one-off or recurring training courses, instructions, further education, company medical examinations, departmental measures, etc.

Demand-oriented setting options
Intervals can be stored for all these completely freely definable measures, which can then be directly linked to the staff of entire departments, people with certain qualifications (e.g. truck driver’s license, working on steps) or even individual employees.

Clear structure
You will then receive an interactive, clear list of all employees who require training. You can also set priorities for certain types of measures and freely define when measures need to be processed again. Of course, you can also display when the last or all action dates of each person were.

Organization of appointments
Once the need has been determined, in the next step you can plan the dates of the measures or assign them to a room, provide them with lecturers and (several) training contents, send invitations to the participants by e-mail, and print lists of signatures and participants.

Integration into the theasoft product family
As with all theasoft products, you benefit from the interface to other modules such as room planning, entries from the thea.perso roster or the qualifications, contact and contract data stored for the employees.

Possibility of cost calculation
Since you can also store costs for each measure, it is possible to calculate the costs for training requirements, e.g. for a whole year.