The new version 4.235 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:

Module: thea.dispo

Enter absences independently of calendar

Absences can now also be scheduled directly in thea.dispo via the "Enter absences" icon or via the menu item "Scheduling -> Enter absences". Previously, this was only possible in the calendars of the contacts or via the daily information. The prerequisite for the display in the new window is that the contacts have a contract.

Daily schedule generator extended in functionality

The daily schedule generator has been extended with a few functionalities: It is now possible to hide columns (e.g. the collective column for non-opera houses) and column widths can be set. In addition, the content column (Note Long/Instructions), where sample instructions can be specified, can now be edited directly from the module and the acts/scenes can also be displayed in one column.

Module: thea.perso

Further development of demand planning

The assignment of tasks from activities to employees has been greatly simplified, especially when staff work in different job areas. The prerequisite for this is that the demand planning view is set to "Show demand per activity" (layout settings>user setting per department). For example, individual tasks can now be conveniently and directly from the requirements planning area and can be dragged and dropped onto shifts or shifts can be generated from the tasks. The set-up times assigned to the tasks are also transferred.

Advanced Functionality Email Templates

Different mail contents and settings can now be defined for sending the reports, the roster or notifying about the status of the roster under Tools->Settings->E-Mail Templates". For example, it is also possible to set whether an e-mail is sent directly from theasoft (via SMTP) or whether the e-mail is opened in the corresponding e-mail program, or the content of the e-mail can be individually adapted for each purpose, also with mail merge fields.

Modul: thea.contract

Contract Request in the Contract Print Window

To simplify the creation of the contract, it is now possible to output the contract instruction directly in the document window of the contract. The button "Print Contract Request" will now appear there. Thus, the step of creating your own contract request document can be skipped. The prerequisite for displaying the button is that the template of the contract instruction is added to the master data of the contract type (master data->thea.dispo->Contract Types->Contract Templates).

Modul: thea.web perso

Output of the end of the week in the "Working Hours"

In the web module thea.web perso, the name of the end of the week is now displayed under the menu item "Working hours", together with the output of the calendar week. For employees, it is thus clear whether the duty roster of the week, for example, has already been published or is still in a planning or approval status.

Extended functionality and new permissions to read/write your own working hours

The functionality of the thea.web perso module has been extended. Now it is possible for employees to view or write their own "shifts" (working hours, vacations, etc.) in the following ways. In the case of an incomplete roster week, it may be justified that:

  1. the week cannot be read, i.e. it appears blank for employees -> "read my own shared working hours"
  2. can be read the week -> "read my own working hours"
  3. Duty hours can be scheduled in the week itself - > "write your own target working hours"

Furthermore, it can be justified that the actual working hours can be entered if the week is released - > "write your own actual working hours"


Further information on the individual items can be found in the relevant help sections.