The new version 4.232 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:

Module: thea.dispo, thea.chor, thea.ballett, thea.orchester, thea.statisterie

Larger functionality entering presences/absences

The change (Germany) from the paper form to the electronic form of the sick note was taken as an opportunity to revise the window for entering attendance and absences in thea.dispo. It is now possible to access presence and absence reasons as well as the status more conveniently. Whether the changed window should be used for all scheduling modules can be set via Tools -> Settings -> thea.dispo -> General -> Absences.

In addition, the digital sending of sick notes and holiday vouchers is becoming more of a focus. Distribution lists can be edited in the Master Data (thea.dispo -> Mailing List), the distribution list itself is set in the corresponding template, also in the master data. The sample templates are available in the download area (Documents) of our website.

Module: thea.perso

Permanent change of department (Working Area)

A permanent change of people between departments is now simplified. This can be set in the working Area of the relevant person's contract. A prerequisite for the change of department is that the Annual Closure and Month-End Closing periods are the same in both departments.

For temporary display in other departments, the field "Display in departments" is still provided in the contract under the "Miscellaneous" tab.

Approval & releases / Mailing list

Within the approval & release Model, the department head can be informed of status changes in the roster (e.g. release of the roster by the works council). Since representatives may also have to be informed, email distribution lists can now also be stored in addition to the previous contact of the department head. The department head and the mailing list are set in the Master Data -> thea.perso -> Department, the distribution lists themselves are created in the Master Data -> thea.perso -> Mailing List.

Module: thea.orchester-web

Filter on orchestra sections

In order to meet General Data Protection Regulation requirements, it is now possible to precisely control which orchestra musicians can see which section and which cannot (reading rights). The settings are to be made in the "Orchestra options" in the Authorizations control. Here you can also control that duty schedulers can schedule shifts in their group (write permission).


Cleaning management / cleaning types / costs

In, cleaning, e.g. for theatre apartments, can now be planned and issued. It is also possible to store different types of cleaning (e.g. intermediate cleaning, final cleaning, etc.) and to provide them with the corresponding costs. These costs can also be billed.

Freely editable fields in the detail view

In the detailed view of trips and apartment occupancies, freely editable fields with the data types already known from the productions or contracts (text field, integer, lookup list, etc.) can be added.

Module: thea.kontakt

Editing mode

An "editing mode" is now available in the table view of thea.kontakt so that major changes in the contact data can be made more quickly.

Module: thea.fundus

Introduction of new module

The new module thea.fundus offers an overview of the costume inventory currently in the fund, including all storage locations as well as the costume parts currently used in productions or lent out.

thea.funds is integrated into the theasoft product range. For example, costume parts can be assigned to roles and employees from thea.dispo. As a result, each part is linked to one or more productions.

In addition to internal distribution management, thea.fundus also offers an external lending system including invoicing.

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From version 4.232 theasoft runs in a 64-bit environment on 64-bit.

Further information on the individual items can be found in the relevant help sections.