The new version 4.193 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:


Activity details: Send an email to all cast members.
In the Casts tab, there is a button in the toolbar for sending emails.

Enter absences: You can now check against the default cast.
You now have a new option when assigning task areas to activity types (master data): Overlap info for default cast.
If this is activated, when you enter an absence a corresponding check is carried out.

thea.dispo / thea.chor

Contacts: New Auditions tab.
The Auditions tab allows you to manage individual audition appointments (singing/speaking).
Using the master data, you first have to define the audition type and specify which fields to display, e.g. for reviews, features such as voice timbre and pitch, people present, etc.
Please note that you must have activated the “Auditions“ feature so that the tab and the master data are displayed.
You can find more details in the Help section.

thea.dispo / thea.chor / thea.orchester

Absences: Requests/messages can now also be sent without a mailing list.
If a mailing list is stored in the template, the email addresses from the mailing list will continue to be used. If no mailing list is stored in the template, the recipient address now remains empty.


Contacts: For basic data, the profile picture is now displayed.
If the WCF service is set up, the profile picture will now be displayed to the right of the name. Use the context menu to add a new profile picture or remove the existing one.
You can still set or edit the profile picture in the Attachments tab.

School holidays have a new feature: Region code.
You can use the region code to specify the region (county, state) to which the school holidays apply.
In the school holidays output field, you can use this region code as a filter. This allows you to create different holiday columns in the schedule.