The new version 4.181 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:


Activities can be assigned to materials (resources)
Until now, resources (e.g., the set design) could only be assigned to the production. Now this is also possible with the activities.
If a resource is assigned to an activity, it is checked when saving whether there is an overlap with other activities. In addition, the resources of an activity can be output in documents and reports.
To use this feature, the “Materials for activities” feature must be enabled.

New property for activity types: Category - Type
The two properties "Known type" and "Rehearsal subcategory" have been combined to form the new property "Category type". This has simplified administration and has eliminated filtering errors.
General categories can be chosen e.g. Rehearsal, or more specifically specified types of category, e.g. Rehearsal - rehearsal start.


Adoption of contractually differing working times in the roster
After entering different working times in the contract, these can be transferred directly into the roster which has already been planned.

Consideration of pay off rules in the settlement
When creating the settlement after the monthly closure, the settlement rules that are stored in the contract are now taken into account.

Paid breaks can be stored
Breaks can now be stored as a paid break in the tariff. The break time is not deducted from the working time and if this was not done, the break time is added to the working time.
Using the "daily hours" report formula, working hours without paid breaks can be output.

The automatic break calculation takes into account break corridors
If possible, automatically calculated breaks are placed in the stored corridors. Corridors for paid breaks can be marked extra.

Breaks can be overwritten in the roster entry
The automatically calculated breaks are now displayed and can be overwritten if the automatic break calculation is disabled.

At the roster entry, working hours can be paid off directly
By means of a new field "Paid working time" the working time can be paid off directly. The working time of the roster is reduced accordingly. By means of the report form "Paid off working time" the value in the report can be output.

Output of break times in the report
Further settings of a report can be used to activate the output of breaks.


In the address report you can group according to the qualification category
With the grouping by qualification category the qualifications of the person are analysed. So no contracts are necessary.
As grouping features, the value of priority, the sorting numbers of the qualification category and the sorting number of the qualification are compared in this order.
The name of the qualification category is output.