The new version 4.183 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:


Contacts -> Calendar: Cast from variants
Cast from variants can now be displayed in the calendar.


Holiday calculation model: Sliding scale in accordance with seniority
As an alternative to breakdown by age, the models also allow breakdown by seniority.

Roster printout: Stage filter
For the roster printout, you can now specify a stage filter that differs from the planning view.
To change the setting, go to "Filter -> Program"

Dynamic management of planned working time: Better distribution of days without planned working time
Preferably, planned working time is not assigned to rostered days off. This prevents overtime reduction days, instead of rostered days off, from being assigned planned working time.

thea.orchester / thea.chor

Orchestra: Holiday entitlement in ensemble contracts
You can now add holiday entitlement to ensemble contracts.

Chorus/orchestra scheduling: People required in the event of cancelled activities
For cancelled activities, the number of people required is crossed out and is not assigned a special colour.

NEW: thea.perso (web)

Creating rosters in PDF format
On the rosters page, you can now create rosters in PDF format for all the departments you have access to.
Please note that for the moment, only weeks that have been closed can be issued.

Creating personnel reports in PDF format
On the Rapport page, you can now create your personnel reports in PDF format.
Please note that for the moment, only months that have been closed can be issued.

thea.dispo (web) / thea.orchester (web) / thea.perso (web)

Login with Windows User now possible
For customers who work with integrated security, separate login with SQL security is no longer necessary. Login with domain\username is now supported.

Personal web calendar
If you are logged in, you can now create/edit/delete web calendars with personal appointments (roster, cast, absences, etc.).
This web calendar is only visible with a secret link.


Employees / contacts: You can now manage attachment categories
The master data now allows you to manage the attachment categories. When issuing images in documents, you can then use these categories as a filter.

GDPR: New fields for personal data
Plans and documents can now be used to issue memos, body measurements and bank details.