The new version 4.154 of theasoft is available for download.

Main features of the new version of 154 at a glance

Module: thea.dispo

Dispo beta:

This time there were again various optimizations on the new Disposition mask. The calendar function has been integrated into the dispo beta and is no longer available as a separate menu item. This one has in the dispo beta now also have access to a day, week and month view. The sorting within a stage column can be set and the selected period will be maintained as far as possible even if you change the view. As used from the old mask the print function again allows the output to Excel, PDF, and Word (Word only if the output would not exceed one page width). The filtering capabilities have been extended by a collective filter, so it can be easily filtered to activities in which one or more collectives are casted. Finally, the production colour can be displayed again based on the work type. The setting for this can be found directly in the dispo under settings.

Other features

There were minor enhancements to the schedule generator, for example, it is now possible to adjust the number of groups per page when schedules are grouped. Furthermore, you can now either directly open a contact from the basic cast or send an email to the person concerned.

Module: thea.perso


The main focus of developments in roster area is targeted on operation optimization. There are new shortcuts for common tasks such as font formatting, colour settings and detail views. In addition, there is a new formula for planned working hours which also takes into account flexible working time from contracts. This planned working time can also be displayed as a sum in the roster.

Other features

The release models have been improved in the operability, it is now possible to deposit remarks for release models and in the settings under release models the e-mail text for status changes can be adapted.

Module: thea.library

Score Management

The central administration has been extended by some functionalities. So does double-click on a score stock now open the associated detail view, Barcode printing is supported, and for scores, a site can be deposited.

New add-on:

The newest module in our product family is With you can administer the travel and accommodation of your house. Some of the features included:

  • Plan travels depending on contract
  • Information about the status of a reservation for travels
  • Alerts for unposted travels
  • Integration in existing functions (display in Contact Calendar).
  • New analysis options (filter by contracts with travel)



Remote maintenance

As "Netviewer" is stopping its service in the end of the year, the current version contains the new support and remote maintenance tool "TeamViewer”. Some may already know this tool and it is currently delivered in parallel with "Netviewer". The remote control via "TeamViewer" is more comfortable because there is no need for submitting a session number by theasoft.

Error Handling

The second change in the support area is the custom error dialog now allows you to easily share many relevant data via email to theasoft. For optimal troubleshooting, we would like to suggest to use the comment function to give a brief overview on the error sequence.


If you have any questions regarding a specific feature or you have suggestions to a theasoft regarding topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our service hotline is available from Monday till Friday between 09 a.m. and 6 p.m.

For a detailed list of new features and bug fixes please refer to the release notes.