The new version 4.201 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:


New functions in absence planning.
Absences for a single day are now displayed in a fixed sequence, and multiple colours per cell are now supported. In addition, you can now change the column width, and there is a zoom function.
The row and column in which the mouse is located is now highlighted.

A production filter has been added so that you can carry out production-related planning.

Productions: Contracts can now be created directly from the standard cast.
Contracts for production, role and season can be created directly via the context menu.
If a contract exists, it can be opened via the context menu.


Roster: When assigning tasks, the colours of the working area group are adopted.
You can now store colours in the working area groups via the master data. If you assign a task to a service, the service is then displayed in the colour of the working area group.

Roster: Standard tasks can now be assigned.
Standard tasks can now be assigned to an activity via the context menu of a particular service or when transferring personnel requirements.

Roster: The demand schedule is now updated automatically.
After the assignment/removal of tasks, the demand display is updated automatically.


Contracts: Part-time periods can be saved.
Within a contract, you can enter temporary or long-term part-time periods under “Different working hours”. As a result, separate contracts are no longer required.


Master data: Word templates can now be edited directly in the programme.
Instead of Word, an editing window is now opened directly in the programme. This offers functions similar to Word and has an additional function for the mail merge fields:
You can select the available fields on the right-hand side, define settings for them, and insert them into the document as a finished Word field.
If you still want to open the document in Word, you will find a corresponding entry in the master data in the context menu.

theasoft is developing a module for planning production processes The module will support the scheduling and organisational planning of productions. The activities and work processes, including the resources required, will be represented in a Gantt chart, which is common in project planning.

The module is still under development. If you are interested or have suggestions for the requirements, please contact us by email or phone.


Further information on the individual items can be found in the relevant help sections.