The new version 4.233 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:

Module: thea.dispo

Production fields in the list view of the Dispo

The production fields that can be created individually in the master data can now be displayed as a separate column in the list view of the Dispo. They can also be edited there. Columns are selected by right-clicking on the "Column chooser" column header using "drag & drop".

Production: „Acted out“

Productions can now be acted out on a specific date (Production: Basic Data tab).

Module: thea.perso

Demand Schedule: Color of shifts from linked activities

The background color of the shifts can be taken from the assigned activities. It is now possible - in the hierarchy of this enumeration - to display the department color, the color of the activity type, the production, the stage or the task area. The settings can be made in the roster mask under Layout settings -> Department settings -> Activity colors for shifts.

Module: thea.contract

Mergefields in contract fields

Mergefields can now also be output in the contract fields. To do this, in the contract field itself (master data: thea.dispo -> Contract -> Contract field types) under Settings "Fill in serial fields" must be set to "True". The fields to be output are then in the appropriate “data type” such as e.g. B. Text or lookup list enclosed in [ ]. For example, you can display the number of trips in one of several ready-made text modules. In the contract template, this is output via the <<contract.fields§item_travel>> mail merge field.

Selection list

The new data type "selection list" in the contract field types was introduced for greater clarity in the theasoft interface. Only the lookup value and the description are displayed on the interface, the output text, which can be edited in the master data, can then be output in Word contract templates using a mergefield.

Departmental mailing lists for contract validation and tracking

Department-dependent distribution lists for contract validation and contract tracking (processes) can now be stored in the master data department. Distribution lists must be created in the master data (thea.dispo -> Mailing List).


Display of profile picture in Table View

I In the table view of thea.kontakt, the profile pictures of the contacts can now be displayed in one column. Columns are selected by right-clicking on the "Column Chooser" column header using "drag & drop".


Direct issue / loan of single copies

In order to offer a more direct usability, there is now a possibility to display a filterable list of the individual copies of costumes (fundus: copies tab), which can then be added directly to the delivery or issue notes, for example.

From version 4.232 theasoft runs in a 64-bit environment on 64-bit.

Further information on the individual items can be found in the relevant help sections.