The new version 4.182 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:


Activities: Variants are now independent of status
Variants can now be managed in the master data, i.e. you can create new variants, delete variants or rename them.
By separating them from the status, variants can now also be combined, e.g. optional performances in variant B.
Where status filtering including the variants was previously possible, a separate variant filter has now been added.

Schedule: Daily information can be called up in all views
In the day view, week view, month view and year view, the daily information dialogue can now be opened. A corresponding entry is contained in the context menu opened when you right-click on the date.

Contacts: The contact person can be defined within the agency assignment


Roster: In the programme header you can now select several activities
If you hold down the CTRL key, you can now select multiple activities. Actions performed via the context menu (for example, changing the background colour) are applied to all selected activities.

Entering absences: Restriction to holiday and sick leave lifted
All layers representing absence are now available.


Orchestra invoicing: You can now filter by type of contract
The separate invoicing of orchestra members and temps has been simplified because the appropriate contract types can be selected.
Until now, filtering was only possible by instrument.


Contracts: All functions of thea.dispo are now available in thea.ballett
This includes e.g. agency details, holiday entitlement, dates etc.


Data cleansing: Deletion of personal data
To comply with the GDPR, data cleansing helps you to delete personal data that is no longer needed.
By completing a search with a date range as a filter, you can determine the relevant data and then delete it.
Currently, cash orders, occupations, absences, roster entries and time account entries can be deleted. Please observe the statutory retention periods.