The new version 4.215 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:


Overview of cast contact details

The overview of the cast contact calendar now contains a column which shows the absences (blocked dates/vacation, etc.) of each contact (provided that the user has the relevant authorizations). This also makes it easier to edit absences (right-click on the "Open vacation" cell)



Different rules for breaks can be stored for each contract. This replaces the collective bargaining regulations and thus enables a more flexible tariff structure. You can now use the “Proportional vacation” feature to calculate the proportional vacation for different working times, which allows entitlements to be calculated for deviating periods.


Production qualifications can now be displayed in a separate cell. For better differentiation, these can be shown in the same colour as the production, thus visually displaying whether the need for this qualification has been met.


Further information on the individual items can be found in the relevant help sections.