The new version 4.202 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version at a glance:


New functions in absence planning.
When entering free days (also for several people or days), there is now an option to display a note dialogue.
You can now email people their own dates as a PDF file or ICS file (calendar file).

Subscription planning: Additional rules can now be set.
You can now find the following settings in the master data for subscriptions:

  • The school holiday check can now be restricted to certain federal states.
  • You can now define blocked days on which subscriptions cannot be scheduled.
  • You can now limit how often a subscription may be scheduled on a particular stage.
  • You can now enter your own text for the weekday check, which will also be issued.

Productions: You can now specify a performance stage for productions.

Schedule: New “Parallel productions” function.
The new “Parallel productions” view displays productions which can be played in parallel due to the 1st standard cast. The production stage is also in use here.

Expanded support for cancelled activities
Many activities have been cancelled due to the corona pandemic. Therefore, we have made the following changes:

  • A new status was added “cancelled (extern)”, thought e.g. in case of cancellation due to corona virus.
  • The number of services can now be changed in the activity even if the activity is cancelled.
  • In the dispo view, the different cancel states have now different colors. “cancelled request” are shown in orange and “cancelled (extern)” in dark red.
  • The status “cancelled (extern)” is automatically available in all status filters, e.g. in the dispo view, in plans or in the program exports.
  • The performance statistic can now issue cancelled activities.
  • The appointment letter can now issue cancelled activities. You should add the merge field “cancelState“ in the template.


Further information on the individual items can be found in the relevant help sections.