The new version 4.174 of theasoft V4 is available for download.

Main features of the new version 174 at a glance:


Automatically cast countdown activities
For each countdown entry you can now store a list of the roles that should be cast automatically. For example you can now store the participants of a soundcheck.

Technical data for stages
Technical data can be stored for the stage, e. g. light and floor conditions or the dimensions of the stage, the front stage, the portal and the hall.

Type of activities
You can now determine which tasks (actor, director, inspector, souffle, orchestra, choir, etc.) are needed for an activity type (perception, rehearsal) and whether they should be cast automatically.
Whether and which countdown should be scheduled when scheduling an activity can now be set via the "Add countdown" property.
The "Include mask times" property has been added to allow you to define which activity types are with a mask. This allows you to create reports containing mask times.

Obsolete functions removed
The menu items and functions of "Disposition (obsolete") and "Plan 20 (obsolete)" have been removed.


Warnings regarding employment law always had to be confirmed by a dialog. With the current version you can decide whether you want to be notified via the red frames, the dialog or both.

An authorization is available for viewing only approved duty rosters.

Colors in the roster
A background and font color can be set for the comments and names of the persons.

Counting of days off in case of illness
Days of illness without hours are generally also counted as a "day off". If the day was originally a "overtime-free day", it is no longer counted as a day off.

thea.chor / thea.orchester

Print of roster (cast)
In the master data, you can enter a print description for reasons of absence that is used in the printout.

Additional data types
An additional data type can contain further detailed information. For example, a distribution list for publications can contain the type of publication, a number and a remark.
Additional data types with fixed lookup values can be defined.

Search contact
All additional data types can be displayed in columns.